Set Up Your Name

Do you want your patients to remember your name? Move-Rx can help them remember more than that if you set up your clinic but the most basic configuration you can do with Move-Rx is to set up your name.

When you first subscribe to Move-Rx the upper left corner of the screen looks like this:

If you click that link or the “Manage my account” link over on the right hand corner, you’ll be taken to  the Personal Information tab.  It is here that you enter your name and make sure that it is displayed the way you want it to be.  The fields are self-explanatory: title, first name, last name and credentials.  The title and credentials fields can only be changed by practicing clinicians*.

Below the credentials field is a place where your name will appear as it will appear throughout the system including patient handouts, emails and web pages.  This is handy for checking to see if what you have entered looks okay for patients.  To put a comma before your credentials, put a comma after your last name.

Play with it and make sure it is displaying your name the way you ant patients to see it.  When you are satisfied with it, click the Save Changes button and you are done setting up your name.

If you also set up a clinic (and you should!), the upper right corner will not display your name but it will still appear on all patient-directed materials.


*If you have a student account and would like to change your credential, you will need to convert your account to a paid subscription.  You can do that easily by clicking the “Manage my account” link and then the Subscription tab.  Follow the instructions there to convert your account.  All of your saved protocols and custom descriptions/titles will stay with your account.

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