Links In Descriptions

If you want to include a link in a description of an exercise or a “special instruction”, you can using standard HTML codes.  Links will show up to patients as normal hyperlinks in the descriptions on web pages and in PDF documents.  In the description editor, the link will appear as raw (unrendered) HTML code.

To create a link:

Open the exercise editor for the exercise or special instruction that you want the link to appear in. Enter HTML markup for a link like you would for any web page.  For more information on how to do this see  The form of the link should be:

<a href=”” target=”_blank”></a>

Be sure to include the “target” attribute so that the patient doesn’t browse away from their exercise page.  You can use display text other than the link itself but the link will be unusable in printed form.

Other HTML code might also work within descriptions (like formatting mark up) but they are untested.  If you do include additional HTML code in descriptions we cannot guarantee what will happen when Move -Rx tries to render PDF  documents and web pages.

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