Delivery Options

Move-Rx gives you a whole pile of ways to deliver programs to patients:

  • The traditional “Dead Tree” method: you print a page of exercises and hand it to the patient;
  • Email: you send the patient an email that comes with a PDF version of the handout, a PDF version of a daily log, and information about logging in to their personalized web page;
  • The Personalized web page: a page that is just for your client with all of the information that is on the handouts plus links to the handout itself and a daily log.  The web page also has the video demonstrating their exercises.

Each of these delivery options comes with your branding and contact information.  There are several advantages to sending all the information via email:

  1. Patients can’t lose the handouts on their way home;
  2. You don’t have to spend money on printer supplies, paper, etc. for something that the patient is going to lose anyway;
  3. If the patient still manages to lose the program (they delete the email or something), you can easily resend it.

No matter which way you choose to deliver programs to your patients, you can pre-set that method and pretty much forget about it – select the patient, set up the program, click the Send/Print/Email button and Move-Rx will do the rest according to your preferences. Of course, all of the delivery methods can be changed for each prescription, too.

Set Up Your Preferences
To select your preferences, click the “Manage my account” link in the upper right corner, then click on the Preferences tab.  There are two areas where delivery preferences are set: Display and Print, and Email.

In the Display and Print section, you can select what kind of image you want to include for each exercise (see more about print options in Understanding Print Options), the number of exercises per page, and which documents you want to generate.  There isn’t any real reason why you would not want to generate all the documents all the time since you can decide what to print for each prescription and there isn’t any real speed penalty.

The Email section has two options: email the patient and email yourself.  If you don’t email the patient, you can’t email yourself since it really is a CC – not a separate email.  If you want to be sure that the email went out, set the CC option on (checked).

Set Up Your Branding
Each delivery method includes your “branding”.  Your clinic logo, location, phone numbers, website, email address – all that stuff that makes you easy for your patients (and their friends) to find.  Move-Rx promotes you and your brand every time you send out a prescription or program.  Make sure you make the most of that by setting up your clinic and your information.  It only takes a minute.  If you need help setting up your clinic see Setting Up a Clinic, and No Logo? – Use a Photo.  If your clinic was already set up by someone else, see Affilliate With an Existing Clinic.  If you more reasons why you should set up a clinic see “Clinics” For All!

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