Understanding Print Options

You have three print options when you are ready to save a prescription: the image type, the number of exercises printed on a page, and what you actually want to print.  All of these options can be set in preferences so you never have to worry about them unless you want to do something out of the ordinary.

Under the Print & Email tab in the Prescription Builder you find the print options:Line Drawing or Photo or Both?
The first line is asking you what kind of image you want to use on the printed pages.  This selection is also carried over to the patient’s custom web page.  You can select either line drawings or photos or you can have each exercise follow the image you select in the Program Builder.  If you want to always distribute photos, select Photos, and make sure that Use selected is not checked.  All of the printed pages and the patient’s web page will use photos for the exercise illustration.

Alternatively, (and what probably makes the most sense) is to select the one that you want to use most of the time and make so that you can change one or two here and there by checking the Use selected box.  So if the program looks like this:

Then the patient handout will look like this:

Exercises Per Page
The next option is the number of exercises per printed page.  The actual number of exercises printed on a page is really dependent on the length of the descriptions for the exercises themselves.  If you have really long descriptions, the exercise will require more space so fewer exercises will fit on a page.  If the descriptions are of average length, then the number yo pick will be the number you get on a page.

What to Print?
The last options have to do with what documents you want to generate.  Select the documents that you want to generate at that moment.  You can always generate them at another time in the Patient Management area.  Selecting all three doesn’t take significantly more time than not printing any of them (we’re talking the difference of .5 seconds) so it is probably best to leave these all checked so you have the option to print any or all of them.

Again, all of these options can be pre-set so that you never have to open the Print & Email tab at all.  Set them and forget them.  They are there to give you flexibility for special cases or patients.  See more on print options under the Help tab.  Look for Print & Email under Prescription Builder, and for printing after the fact, look in Patient Management, Existing Patients.

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