So many passwords to remember… It’s a chore but a necessary one to keep your account secure.  We have built Move-Rx with a an eye towards keeping your password safe.  This means that we don’t ever store or display your password “in the clear” – in a readable form – ever.  Not in email, not on our servers, anywhere.  We hash your password in your browser to transmit it to the server then save that hash in our database.  You can safely use “High value” passwords for Move-Rx.  As for remembering your passwords, I use a free piece of software called PasswordSafe that you can get here.  It is easy to use and secure and comes from a bunch of security nerds so it can be very secure.

General Rules
Passwords for Move-Rx must be at least 6 characters long.  There is no limit on the characters that can be used.  They are case sensitive.  Passwords are encrypted before transmission and are never stored in the clear so “high value” passwords are relatively safe when used with Move-Rx.

We will never ask you for your password and we cannot tell you what your password is.  If you forget your password, please use the password recovery function that is available at the login screen.  Your password will be reset to a temporary password and that password will be sent to your primary email address (the one you used to subscribe).  It is recommended that as soon as you receive your temporary password you change it to something else.

If you try to log in to Move-Rx and fail to enter the correct password more than three times, your IP address will be locked out for approximately one hour.  This is done to protect Move-Rx and our data.  Once the hour has passed, request that your password be reset so you don’t get locked out again.

Resetting Your Password
If you forget your password, go to and enter your login ID.  Click the “Forgotten your password?” link and follow the instructions.  Your password will be reset to a temporary password and it will be sent to you via your primary email address.  Once you get the email, log into Move-Rx using the new password and immediately change your password to something else.

Changing Your Password
You can change your password by clicking the “Manage my account” link in the top right corner of any Move-Rx page.  The Personal Information tab will be open.  Enter your new password in the Password box and then verify it by re-entering it in the verify password box.  Then click the Save button to save your new password.

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