Generic Programs: Part 2, Using Protocols

Last time we looked at printing a stack of generic programs so you have them available to hand out to patients.  This is the old way of doing things and doesn’t leverage much of the power of Move-Rx.  There is another way to create generic programs which is a little greener (no pre-printing means no wasted paper, storage space, etc.)  By saving your generic programs as protocols, you can print them out when you need them very quickly.

First, you need to build your program.  If there are exercises that are unidirectional you don’t need to worry which side you choose – you will be asked for the correct side when you call it up.  Once you have all the exercises that you want in the selection box click the Save to Library button.

The Save Program to Library dialog will come up where you can fill out the particulars for this program.  The title, body part and category are all required.  You could set up a category called “Generic Programs” or something more specific like “Stretching” or “Strengthening”.  If you want others in your clinic to be able to access this program, make sure the Share with clinic check box on the bottom is checked.

Now, when you want to give a patient one of these handouts, go to the prescription builder and under the Program section, select the appropriate body part and the category and the program will be listed in the box below.  Click the program and it will ask you if you want it for the right or left side (only if you have a unidirectional exercise in the program).

Now, click the Save/Print/Email button and your handout will be generated.  Print it and you are done.  This method allows you (and everyone else in your clinic) to print a program without having to find the exercises one at a time each time you need it.  Build a library of handouts ahead of time or as you build them for patients and don’t print out a bunch of paper in advance.

Next, an even faster way to generate a generic handout without printing it ahead of time.

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