Keep Referring Physicians in the Loop: Automatically

Move-Rx makes it really easy to keep referring physicians in the loop regarding a patient’s exercise program.  The easiest and most automatic way of doing it is by entering the physician’s email address in the Patient’s information.

The address that you enter in the “CC Email” box gets everything that the patient gets from Move-Rx.  So every prescription you send out goes there.  If you put the referring physician’s email in there, they get it automatically.  You don’t have to worry about sending something separately.

This is different than the other two types of ccEmails that Move-Rx can send out:  There is the one that is linked to every sent prescription which is intended for your address so you can get a copy of everything sent out by you; and there is the prescription-specific ccEmail that you can specify on a prescription-by-prescription basis.  You can read more about ccEmails in Three Layers of Carbon Copies (CC Emails).

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