Generic Programs: Part 1, Pre-Printing A Stack of Handouts

If you are used to having generic or non-patient-specific handouts available for common conditions you can set them up in Move-Rx for quick retrieval in a couple of different ways.  Today we will talk about how to do this the very traditional way.  The next couple of posts will explore some different ways to do the same thing.

If you want to have a stack of generic or commonly used programs available for a quick handout, you just put together your program without any patient information and click the Save/Print/Email button.  The system will tell you that you can’t save the patient (there is no patient) and, depending on your settings, it may also complain that it can’t send an email because there is no email address.  Just click the Continue button.

Your handout will be generated and you will have a chance to save it by clicking the Save button next to Patient Handout.  The handout will be downloaded to your computer. Where it gets downloaded to is dependent on how you have your browser set up.  You then have a generic handout in PDF form that you can print a batch of or save in a directory for future printing.  You probably will want to change the file name to something more descriptive (the default file name is the date it was generated) so you can find it later.  Now you have readily available first-generation and fully branded handouts for your patients.

Next time: saving generic programs as protocols.

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