Why Do I Have to be in a Clinic to Save a Prescription?

Why do I have to be in a clinic to save a prescription?  We get asked this from time to time.  Move-Rx will allow you to share information about patients and saved protocols (or programs) only with certain people who are affiliated with an organization – in this case, a clinic.  The clinic is a logical unit that gives you a way to share information with a limited group.  If you don’t have a clinic affiliation, we have no way to limit who can see patients and saved protocols.

There are ways around this, of course, like you can set up a “protocol” that is a complete prescription.  Or, you can set up prescriptions and not save them at all – you can still print them out (but you can’t email them and the patient won’t have access to a web page with their exercises in video.)

You can always set up a “clinic” that is no clinic at all – all you need is a name and a unique ID and you are done.  Then, you can save patients and prescriptions, send emails, and send patients to a web page where they can watch their exercises being performed.

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