Using Clinic CC Addresses

Here are a couple ideas for using a clinic-specific cc email address.  For each clinic that you are affiliated with you can assign your own email address and one other CC address that will receive every email that you send out under that clinic.

Lets say that you are a student doing a clinical internship.  Your supervisor in the clinic wants to keep tabs on what you are doing with your patients.  You could put this person’s email address in the CC Address for the clinic and they would automatically get anything that you prescribe for your patients.

If you want to save a hard copy of all the programs you send out to patients, or a copy of each email that gets sent out, but you want your admin in the office to do it for you, you could put their email address in the CC Address for the clinic and everything you send out would automatically go to them.  They would then be able to print the program and file it or save the email or program and store it in your EHR system.

For more about setting up clinics and CC addresses, go to Account Management, Clinic Information under the Help tab.

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