Projecting Your Brand

In any competitive business, it is important to establish your brand and spread general knowledge of it wherever and whenever you can.  Therapists are in competition with each other.  There may be a large and growing patient pool but there are “better” patients to have and attract.  “Better” patients being those that you are particularly interested in.  Once you attract those patients you want to keep them coming back.  Your “brand” is integral to the process.

Your brand starts with your name.  Next is your clinic name and probably a logo.  You want patients to remember your name and where to find you.  The logo might help them remember.  Your name, clinic and logo should be on everything that you give or send to your patients.  I’ve seen several very large organizations deliver really awful programs to people with no indication of where they got them.  When a patient is looking for you, are you going to make it easy for them or hard?

Move-Rx gives you a simple way to extend your brand using the exercise programs you prescribe.  Once you have set up your clinic (you set up your clinic, right?*), every printed program and daily log, email and web page that your patient sees will have that information on it.  When they walk out of the clinic with your name and contact information you are extending your brand.

Handouts have your contact information....

... so does your patient's custom web page ...

... and emails to the patient, too.

You are also differentiating yourself from your competition.  Your professional branding and program distribution makes you stand out.  When your patients’ friends are looking for a recommendation, you will stand out from the rest and it will be easy for your patients to recommend you.  And everyone knows that word-of-mouth marketing is the best there is.

We designed Move-Rx to project YOUR brand – not ours.  Other than our web address, patients don’t even know we exist.  From their prospective, the web pages, handouts, and emails all come from you.  Set up your clinic and start projecting your brand.


*It’s easy to do.  Click the Help tab and look for Account Management, Clinic Information.  See also Using Multiple Clinics and Clinics For All!

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