How Many Email Accounts Do You Have?

How many email accounts do you have?  I’m probably (definitely) not normal because I have dozens.  Literally.  They all have some purpose, though, mostly to keep my various activities separate.  Move-Rx allows you to use multiple email accounts and helps you keep track of them.  How?

Let’s say you are a busy clinician who works part time in the local hospital and part time in a private clinic.  In this scenario you could have three different email accounts:  1) your personal account that you used to sign up for Move-Rx; 2) an account at the hospital, and; 3) an account at the clinic.  When you see a patient at the hospital you don’t want them to get email from your clinic account or your personal account and the same is true for your clinic patients.

When you set up or affiliate with a clinic in Move-Rx you can include an email address for that clinic.  When you prescribe under that clinic (see Using Multiple Clinics) the email address you have assigned will be used as the source of the email to the patient and also in your contact information.  If you don’t assign an email to the clinic your original email will be used.  You can also assign specific CC email addresses for each clinic you are affiliated with.

For more information on setting up clinics and emails, see Account Management, Clinic Information and Personal Information under the Help tab.

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