Prescription Email Lost? Resend It, Don’t Remake It

You can quickly and easily resend a prescription email to a patient without having to re-build it.  Click on the Patients* tab and find the patient in the Existing Patient list.  Click on the patient in the list to open the edit window:

All of the patient’s prescriptions will be listed here.  To re-send an email, click on the gray date (or “none” in the example above).

You will be asked if you really want to resend the email.

Click “Ok” and the prescription will be re-sent.

There are a couple of other tricks that this list can do for you.  First, the date shown in the Email column is the date that the last email for that prescription went out.  If none was sent, it will say “none”.  You can also open any of the documents for the prescription by clicking the appropriate button.  You can change the end date of the prescription here, too.  And hover over the start date (this is most often the date it was generated, too) and it will tell you who wrote the prescription.  This is valuable if there are a lot of clinicians in the same clinic.


*It may not be called “Patients” if you have changed what you call the people who come to see you.  It might be “Chickens” (see Patients, Clients, Chickens…).

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