Join An Existing Clinic

If you join a clinic that is already using Move-Rx or if you are setting up a new clinic and have several clinicians that should be affiliated with the clinic then you can use the “Use An Existing Clinic” button to quickly and easily affiliate with the clinic.

First, click the “Use An Existing Clinic” button.  You will be asked to enter the clinic ID that you wish to affiliate with.

The clinic code can be provided to you by the clinic’s administrator or anyone already affiliated with the clinic.  The code is displayed along side the clinic’s name in the Clinic Information tab:

Enter the code and click “Find”.  The clinic’s name and location will be displayed.  Make sure it is the right clinic!

You can enter a clinic-specific email and ccEmail if you have them for the clinic.

Click the “Join this clinic” button when you are done.  That is all you have to do.  Now you are affiliated with the clinic and can start sharing patient information and and saved programs.

You can be affiliated with multiple clinics and easily switch between them in Move-Rx.  See Using Multiple Clinics for more information on how to do this.

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