Make Sure Emails Get Through

With the prevalence of SPAM or unwanted email messages these days, people put up all kinds of blocks to try to limit the amount of trash that makes it into their inbox.  This is entirely understandable but it often leads to a lot of important messages from getting to the them, too.  This is a problem for Move-Rx users – clinicians and patients – but it can be avoided with a little bit of advance planning.

Most email programs will not mark messages from known addresses as SPAM.  If you want your patients to get your emails, they should have your address in their address book or have your domain in their “Safe Sender” list.  Likewise, if you want to get emails from Move-Rx, you should have our support email address (  in your address book.  Below are instructions for adding to many popular email clients’ safe lists.  Your patients should add your domain name to their lists to ensure they get your emails.

Microsoft® Outlook®

  • Select the e-mail with the desired address.
  • Go to the Actions menu.
  • Choose Junk E-mail, then Add Sender’s Domain to Safe Sender’s List.


  • Click Contacts.
  • Select Create Contact.
  • Add “” or your domain name in the Primary Email field.
  • Click Save.


  • Select the e-mail from
  • Click Add to Address Book.
  • Verify that the e-mail address is correct.
  • Click Add to Address Book.


  • Click Mail Options and select Address Book from the drop-down box.
  • Click the Add (+) button.Enter the address in the Other E-mail Address box
  • Click Save.


  • Click the Options link.
  • Select Contacts.
  • Click the Safe List link.
  • Type “” in the Domain text box.
  • Click Add.
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