Help! My Mailbox is Overflowing With Prescriptions!

If you send yourself a copy of every prescription you send to your patients your mailbox is going to get full pretty quickly.  There really isn’t any reason to keep those prescriptions in your mail because you can always go to the patient management section of Move-Rx and re-print or look at any prescription you have ever written.  I’ll show you how you can do that below.

So why have the prescriptions copied to you at all?  Well, there is the “piece of mind” you get when you receive the email – it proves that it was sent by the system.  CC emails are actually CC’s – they are the same email that goes to the patient, not a separate email.  So if you get the email, the system sent it out.  You can also use the CC to send the prescription to an administrative person in your clinic who might then print the prescription and put it in the patient’s record, or copy the PDF file to the patient’s EHR record.

You don’t need to keep it in case the patient wants you to re-send it (you can do that in the patient management area, too).

So how do you resend or look at a prescription?  Go to the Patient tab (the second one if you have renamed your patients to something else).  Look up the patient in the list and click on their name.  A window that looks like this will open:

On the bottom of this window is a list of all of the prescriptions anyone in the clinic has ever written for this patient.  The start date (most often the prescribe date, too) and the end date for the prescription is shown (hover over the Start Date to see who wrote the prescription).  If you want to extend the end date, click on it.

Next to that is the Email date.  Click on the email date to re-send the email to the patient.  If you never sent it, you can send it now this way.  Next are the documents available for the prescription.  Click on the one you want and it will open as a PDF and you can print or save it.

So there really is no reason to keep the CC emails clogging up your mailbox.  Once you see they have been sent out, you can delete them.


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