No Clinic? You Can Still Print Prescriptions

If you haven’t set up a clinic or are not affiliated with an existing clinic, you can still print programs (generic or with a patient name).  You can’t save the program for a specific patient, send out emails or set up a web page for patients without a clinic affiliation.  Setting up a clinic is really easy (you need a clinic name and a “clinic code” – see “New Clinic Setup” under Account Management, Clinic Information in the Help documents for more information) and lets you save patients and their programs which are some of the most powerful features of Move-Rx. To set up a clinic click on the “Manage my account” link in the upper right corner and then the Clinic Information tab.

But, even if you don’t have a clinic affiliation, you can print a program:

In the prescription builder, leave the patient information empty or add the patient’s name if you want that on the print out.  Anything else will be ignored and discarded when you try to save the program.

Next, build the program or load a pre-saved program from the library.

Once you are satisfied with the program, make sure you have selected the handouts that you want to generate in the Print & Email section and click one of the Save/Print/Email buttons.

Move-Rx will respond with an alert that says you should set up a clinic (and you should).  Just click the Okay button to clear the alert.

Once you clear the alert, the handouts will be generated and the following will be displayed:

To print a handout click the appropriate Print button.  To download the PDF of the handout, click the Save button.  The handout will have your name and, if you entered one, the patient’s name at the top along with the exercises.

You really should set up a clinic for yourself even if you don’t actually work in one.  It will make Move-Rx so much more powerful.

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