Move-Rx Learns Your Exercise Preferences

As you use Move-Rx, it starts to learn what exercises you prescribe most often.  For example, if you prescribe “Internal Rotation Stretch Supine (90/90)” from the shoulder body part group, the next time you select Shoulder, that exercise will be at the top of the list.  This automatic “favorites list” can contain as many as 20 exercises in each of the body part/categories.

By default, this learning system is turned on and will operate in the background without you noticing.  You should start finding the exercises you use most often to be in the first set shown.  You can turn this behavior off (click the “Manage my account” link in the upper right corner, then the Preferences tab) by unchecking the “Learn exercise preferences” box in the Advanced Features section of Preferences.  You can also clear or reset all of your saves favorites.

If you want to pre-load your favorites list, go to the Exercise Management tab.  You can search or browse for exercises and click the “Always First” button to put an exercise at the top of the list.  Remember that you only get 20 favorites per body part, or one page full in the Prescription Builder.

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