Titles and Descriptions Your Patients Will Understand

We built Move-Rx to be really easy to customize without being overbearing in terms of options and configuration.  One of the fastest and easiest ways to make Move-Rx more like you is to customize exercise titles and descriptions.  You can do it as you are prescribing so it is really fast and transparent to the task at hand.

To edit an exercise title or description select the exercise (drag it over into the program box) and then click on it.  The editor will open giving you the ability to type directly over the existing title and description.  The numbers on the bottom left corners of each box indicate how many characters you have remaining.

Once you have changed the title or the description, the Save Custom* and Undo buttons will be available.  You now have the choice of saving the changes you’ve made so that this exercise always appears with your changes or just using the changes you’ve made for this patient’s program.  Another way to think about it is if you have a particular name you use for an exercise then you should change it permanently by clicking the Save Custom button.  If, on the other hand, you have one patient who likes to call it a particular name you can change it just for them by clicking the Okay button – it won’t get saved permanently.  If you do save it permanently and you want to see what the original was, click the Default button.  If you mess up and want to start over, click the Undo button.

To permanently go back to the original you have to go to the Manage Exercises tab to clear the custom version.

While you are editing the exercise, you can change the side of the exercise (left/right, if appropriate), change the image back and forth between the photo and the line drawing or preview the video.

The ability to customize titles and descriptions of exercises allows Move-Rx programs to start sounding like you.  Patients will appreciate the continuity between what you tell them in the clinic and what they read on their program.

For much more on customizing exercises, see Prescription Builder, Exercise Editor under the Help tab.


*The Save Custom capability can be disabled in the Preferences tab.  For more information see Account Management, Preferences  under the Help tab for more information.

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