How Prescriptions Work in Move-Rx

One of the most important design goals of Move-Rx was to provide a complete start-to-finish program creation and delivery tool that was easy to use for clinicians, and easier to use and effective for patients.  We didn’t want to abandon accepted concepts but we did want to advance the state of the art for the benefit of clinicians and patients alike.  We think we’ve gotten pretty close to that with our “Prescription Life Cycle”.

Home exercise programs start with your careful evaluation of the patient.  Then, you set goals based on that evaluation and the patient’s personal goals.  Next, you have to educate the patient about what they need to do to attain those goals.  Lastly, the patient then has to execute the prescribed activities to make progress.  The cycle repeats until the goals are attained.

Move-Rx fits in that process starting when you create their exercise program and deliver it to them.  Our innovative prescription builder lets you do that quickly, or if the condition is a common one, pre-built programs can make generating a program even faster.  Move-Rx then allows you to provide the accepted standard of a patient handout delivered in the clinic.  We advance the state of the art by also allowing you to deliver the handout via email (no more lost handouts) and give the patient a way to log in to their own program and watch their prescribed exercises being performed (no more “I didn’t remember how to do it” excuses).

The best way to understand how it all works and how it can impact your patients is to try it out on yourself.  Build yourself a prescription.  Send it to yourself in email.  Log on as a patient and see what the web page looks like and how the videos and descriptions come across.  Once you have done that, you will understand the complete Move-Rx prescription life cycle and you’ll be better able to leverage it with your patients.

It is important to remember that Move-Rx doesn’t replace your expertise and isn’t available for consumers to self-diagnose.  It does project your professionalism and your commitment to your patient’s outcome while at the same time reinforcing your “brand” and connection with your patients.

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