How to: Generic Program Links

While writing all the prior blog posts about generic programs and the various ways they can be created, it seemed like there needed to be better and more direct way to do this.  Some clinics are all about having a stack of programs ready to go for the more common patient conditions that they see.  They need a way to make these programs available to their patients quickly.  So we built a better way into Move-Rx.  The Generic Program Link was born.  This feature creates a link that you then place on your website so that patients can find, view and print their own programs.  Using this feature you can drive patients to your website and keep them coming back even if they are not currently in your care.

To get started, make sure that the program is already built and available in the Protocols list.  For this tutorial, we’ll us a built-in protocol called “Office Break Program”.  Find it in the protocol list and click on the Link button:

The Create A Generic Program Link window will open:

Near the bottom of the window the link for this program is shown along with a Cancel button and Enable button.  You have to click the Enable button to make the program available through the link.  The link is “”.  Note that this link is only usable on the website specified in the clinic profile (for this example it is

Now you have a link that you can place on your clinic’s website.  Your site’s webmaster will need to know what you want to the link to say and what the link itself is.

The program is like all programs made available to patients in that it is a “snapshot” of the exercises made at the time you generated the program.  If you change the text of an exercise through the exercise editor, the text will NOT change in this (or any program).  If you want to change the text of an exercise or add/subtract an exercise from a generic program you just need to update it.  To do that, make all your changes and then click the Link button again for that program.  If it is already set up as a generic link you will get this window:

You can click on the Update button and the program will be updated with your changes.  The link stays the same so you will NOT have to change anything on your website.

Deleting Generic Links
If you are an administrator for your clinic, you will get a third button (the Delete button) when you click the Link button for a program that already has a link:

Delete the link by clicking the Delete button.  Be sure to take the link off of your website, too.

There is only really one limitation to the use of these links: the link must appear on the website specified in the clinic’s profile.  This is in place to make sure that your links are not stolen from you and used on other sites.  If the link is not on a page that shares the same domain name as the one in your clinic’s profile, the patient will get an error message.  For the example above, a page with any of the addresses

would work but

would not work.

For this reason, links in emails will not work.  You cannot send these links to patients in email.  You can send them a link to your website where they can then find a link to the program.  If you need to send a patient a link to a program you will have to use the conventional method of going through the prescription builder.

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