Generic Program Links: Why?

It might not be immediately clear why someone would want to have links to generic programs available on their website.  We got some feedback from users that they didn’t have time in their current method of practice to provide custom, personalized programs for all of their patients.  What they wanted was a way to have the patient go to their website and get the programs that they need from there.  This is like a virtual “stack of programs” sitting on a shelf.  The good thing is that you don’t have to print them any more – the patient can if they want.  The patient also gets the benefit of having access to the exercise videos, too.

There is another good use for this feature: common daily activities and specialized warm ups or stretching routines for athletes (and weekend warriors).  Our Office Break Program is a good example of a stretching program that anyone who works in front of a computer all day could benefit from.  You could put together stretches for golfers, skiers, bikers, runners, the list is endless.  If you speak to local groups about preparation for their activity of choice (knitting – a real-world example) you can direct them to your website and post a link there for a program you have put together for them.

The best thing about these generic program links is that the consumer has to go to your website for the link.  This drives traffic to your site and keeps your practice in the forefront of their thinking.  When they need something more specific they will come to you.  This makes your website actually worth going to for more than a phone number or address.

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