Automatically Email Prescriptions to Your Office Administrator

If you have an office administrator who manages your paperwork, you can automatically send your patient prescriptions to that person so they can file the paper.  Any prescription that gets sent under that clinic will also go to whomever you have set as a CC.

When you set up the clinic (or affiliated with an existing clinic) you have the option of entering a ccEmail address.  You can change this email any time by editing the clinic information.  Click on the “Manage my account” link in the upper right corner.  Click the Clinic Information tab and select the clinic you wish to set the CC address for.

There are two emails you can enter for the clinic.  The “CC Address” email gets copies of everything you send out for this clinic.  You can have different clinics with different CC addresses.

For more details, click the Help tab and look under Account Management, Clinic Information, Clinic Management Overview.

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