Finding What You Need (Exercises)

Having more exercises to choose from is good unless you can’t find them.  As we add new exercises to the Move-Rx library we try to put them in places where we think most people will look for them.  We also try to title them in a way that most people would.  Of course, since we have all kinds of users in different disciplines, different parts of the country, and from different schools, there is a lot of variation.  There are some tools built into Move-Rx to help you find what you are looking for.

We store exercises in a hierarchy based on Body Part, Exercise Type and Title.  You can filter exercises on any of these criteria in any combination.  By using these criteria you can reduce an otherwise unwieldy list of 1000’s of exercises into reasonably short list.  The Body Part filter is special in that it can also apply a side (left or right) if appropriate.  To filter exercises based on body part, use the body part picker – click on the part and side you are interested in and you will be taken directly to a list of related exercises.  You can also click on Whole Body or select a category from the drop down list below the picker for exercises that don’t apply to a single body part.

Once you have a body part picked, you can further filter the list by selecting an exercise Type.  The drop down list above the exercise listing only shows the types of exercises that are available for that body part.

By selecting a type, we can cut our 114 matching exercises to a much more manageable size.  You can clear each filter by selecting “All” in the Type drop down, or by clicking the “Show All” link next to the body part:

Title Searching
You can also search for exercises by their title.  To do this, click on the Title Search button.  Title searches are limited by filters so if you can’t find what you are looking for, the filters might be filtering it out.  You can rest the filters by clicking the Show All link.  Conversely, if your title search results in too many exercises you can select a boy part (click the Body Part tab to go back to the picker) or you can select a Type.

Title searches support several kinds of modifiers.  You can enclose search terms in quotes to force only exact matches.  For example, if your search term is

You get 14 matches.  If you put the term in quotes you only get exact matches that have “shoulder flexion” in the title:

The exercise “Ear to Shoulder With Cervical Flexion Stretch Bilateral” is not returned because Shoulder and Flexion are not together.

You can also filter words out by using the minus sign (-).  For example you could search for

The results are the original 14 exercises returned for shoulder flexion without the two exercises that include the word wand in the title.  You can also use a plus sign (+) to add words but this is essentially the same thing as just entering more words in the search term.  For example you could do:

or, you could do:

They both come up with the same results.  You can use any combination of modifiers for your search term.  You can also use partial words.  So “flex” would result in everything with the words “flexion”, “flexed”, and “flex”.  If you don’t want the exercises with the word “flexion” then search using

Or, you can put a space after the word and enclose it all in quotes which will result in titles that only have the word flex:

Any custom titles that you have created will also be returned in title searches.

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