Extend the Expiration of a Prescription

Sometimes stuff happens and a patient can’t get in to the clinic to see you or something else gets between you and your patient and your patient’s prescription is about to expire?  Don’t panic!  It is easy to extend a prescription:

First, click on the Patients (or “Clients” or whatever you have yours set to say) tab which is the one right next to the Prescribe tab and find your patient.

Click on the patient’s name and their information and history will be displayed:

In the Prescriptions portion of the screen, the latest prescription is on the top and shows the End Date (expiration date), the email date if an email was sent out – blank otherwise, and the documents that are available for that patient.

Click the end date and a new date dialog will open:

You can select a date from the calendar or extend the prescription to the maximum duration allowed (one year).  On the calendar, you can advance the month by clicking the black box in the upper right corner or go back to today’s date by clicking the green box in the upper left corner.  Once you select a date or the Set Maximum button, the prescription will immediately be extended.

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