Choosing Sides

Move-Rx lets you choose sides.  Left or right.  It then provides drawings, photos and videos that show the selected side being used in the exercise. We have experienced patients who report that they did their exercises like the drawing showed them to but they didn’t show any improvement.  Turns out they were doing it exactly like the drawing and it was on the wrong side.

No more excuses!  Our drawings, photos and videos all come in Left and Right versions if appropriate.  When you select a body part, select the correct side and all exercises will be shown for that side and the directions will be correct, too.

The "Right" button under the drawing will change everything - drawing, photo, video and description - to the left side when clicked.

If you want an exercise performed on both sides, you can drag another copy over and then switch the side or you can open the first one and click the “Do Both” button to add another exercises but on the opposite side.

You can’t choose sides when you build protocols because protocols get assigned a side when they are prescribed to a patient.  When you select a protocol (or saved program) that has a side-specific exercise in it, you will be asked if the affected side is the left or the right.

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