Blocked IP Addresses

To protect Move-Rx from hacking we use a system that will block an IP address* of someone who unsuccessfully tries to log in too many times in a given time frame.** If you don’t know your password or login ID you should not guess too many times – you will be locked out.  Use the password and ID recovery links on the login page instead.

So what happens if you do get locked out?  You’ll have to wait until the appropriate time passes (about an hour) before you can try again.  You will know that you are locked out because you will get this screen:

There is a very important piece of information on this screen: the IP address of your computer.  The last line shows it:

This is important because it is possible that a patient could also have their IP address blocked.  If they enter their login ID incorrectly they will be asked for a password.  If they think they might know it and try something they will not be logged in.  If they do this too many times, they will be blocked.  They might call you at this point and ask for help.  And you can help them.

You can immediately unblock patients who have managed to get there IP address blocked by going to the Patient Management tab and clicking the “Clear IP Lockout” button on the bottom left corner:

You will be asked to enter the IP address that needs to be unblocked:

There you enter the IP address in question and click the “Clear Lockout” button.  The patient will then be able to log in to their prescription page.  They can tell you their IP address because it is shown to them on the page that prevents them from logging in.


*An “IP Address” (Internet Protocol Address) is a number that is assigned to your computer when it is attached to the Internet (or any network).  It is possible to have multiple machines appear to have the same IP address in some network architectures.

**This prevents what are called “dictionary” attacks where a hacker attempts to gain access to an account by trying multiple (hundreds of thousands) of words as the password.  If we block the IP address for a short time it makes the attack worthless – it would take too long.

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