Patients, Clients, Chickens…

Early in the development of Move-Rx it became obvious that there were at least two camps we had to try to be in: where they have Patients, and where they have Clients.  Often it is the little things that make something usable or not and this seemed like one of them.  We didn’t want to alienate one group or the other (or the one we didn’t even think of), so we made it configurable.

Click the “Manage my account” link in the upper right corner, then click the Preferences tab.  Towards the bottom of the page is a section called Units and Labels.  The first option is:

“A person who uses your services is a… .”  You can select “Patient”, “Client” or enter your own term.  I liked to use “Chicken” because it made it stick out and was humorous most of the time.

If you want to enter your own term, make sure it is singular.  I’m can’t remember if it ever gets used for patient/client/chicken communications so you might want to be careful with your choice.  Be sure to click “Save Changes” if you change it.

The default is “Patient” but if that isn’t what you like to use, change it!  Make Move-Rx yours.

For more information on any of the preferences that you can set to customize the way Move-Rx works, see Account Management,  Preferences under the Help tab.

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