Three Layers of Carbon Copies (CC Emails)

Does anyone remember carbon paper?  Does anyone know that “CC” stands for Carbon Copy?  This is one of those ancient technology analogies applied to modern technology that will soon make no sense to anyone.  Telephones are full of them: “Dialing” a number, “Ringing”, “Wireless”.

Since Move-Rx uses email to distribute programs, we made it very flexible in terms of sending carbon copies (CC’s) of emails to other interested parties.  There are actually three different areas – or levels – where CC’s are available: at the clinic level; at the patient level, and; at the prescription level.  Here is how they are different and how to use them:

The Clinic Level
At the clinic level, you can save an email address that will automatically be sent a copy of every email you send out.  Here are two scenarios where this could be used:

  • If you have a supervisor that wants to see everything you send to patients.  Put their email address in the CC address field and they will get everything you send out automatically.
  • If you want an administrative assistant to print out copies of everything that gets sent to patients, put their email address in the CC address field and they will get an automatic copy.

To add a CC address at the Clinic Level, click on the Manage my account link in the upper right corner, then the Clinic Information tab and then edit the clinic.  You can have a different CC address for all of the clinics you are affiliated with.

The Patient Level
You can save a CC address for each of your patients so that every email that goes out to the patient will also go to the CC address automatically.   Here are two scenarios where this could be used:

  • The patient’s physician wants to be kept in the loop about the patient’s progress or have some oversight on the home exercise program they are doing.  Put their email in the CC address field and they will automatically get the patient’s prescription.
  • If the patient is a minor and the parent wants to get the prescription too, put the parent’s email in the CC address and they will automatically get their child’s prescription.

To add a CC address at the Patient Level, enter the address in the filed when filling out the patient information in the Prescription Builder or in the patient details window in Patient Management.

The Prescription Level
You can enter a CC address at the prescription level.  The address entered here will only be used once for this prescription only.  Unlike the other CC addresses on the other levels, this address is not saved.  It is intended to be used as a one-time CC to help with a one-time situation.  For example, if a patient wants to have a prescription sent to an alternate email address, or another person just this once, this is the place to put the CC address.  Enter this address in the “Send additional CCs to:” field in the Print & Email tab of the Prescription Builder.

CC Yourself, Too
There is one more CC that can be configured to go out with every email you send – to yourself.  If you want to keep a copy of the email in your own records or if you just want to be sure that the email was sent, then select “Send me a carbon copy (CC) email” under the Print & Email tab of the Prescription Builder.  You can set the default behavior in Preferences.

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