Use Titles To Help Your Patients

Titles can be very technical in nature but who are they for?  If they are for your patients then they need to be something the patient can hang on to.  You could tell your patient that they have to perform a Abductor Pollicus Longus exercise (or a Finklestein’s Test Stretch) and they will never remember what you are talking about.  But if you call it something they understand (Fist Down Stretch) they will have something they can wrap their heads around.

Move-Rx lets you change the names of exercises without saving them for anyone but the patient.  And for different patients, too.  So if one patient likes to call it a “Give me the money stretch” and another wants to call it a “Give me five stretch” (and you call it a “Active Elbow Extension Stretch”) then so be it – let them have it their way so they remember it.  To edit the title, click on the exercise once you have it in the selection box (the right side box) and then just type over the title.  When you are happy with it, click Okay.

The title (and description if you want to change that, too) will be saved for that prescription only.  When the patient comes back in for a follow up session, when you recall their information you will be able to load the last program and the custom title and description will come with it.

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