Students: Fake Patients Are Okay

One concern that has been raise by some students is that they don’t have any patients to prescribe to.  We don’t place limits on how many patients any subscriber has (student or not) so you can feel free to make as many “fake” patients as you want.

Creating patients is really easy and automatic when you create a prescription.  When you log in to Move-Rx you are automatically taken to the Prescribe page where you build prescriptions.  Click on the “Patient” section (the top section) and it will open to show you the new patient information form:You can also click the “new patient” button to do the same thing.

To save a patient you need at least one of the following: Login ID, Last Name, or Chart Number.  If you want to send the prescription as an email you will have to supply an email address, too.  That’s it.  When you save the prescription the patient record gets saved, too.

If you want to use an existing patient, click on the “Find a Patient” button.  You can enter a search term (all or part of a last name, login ID, or chart number) and click Search.  Click on the patient in the list and his or her information will be loaded along with their last program if you want to start from where you left off.

As a student, you probably are working on a particular patient condition that your instructor has assigned you.  You can use the name of that condition as the patient’s last name or you can use your own name – it doesn’t matter as long as you know where to find it.  Be creative!

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