Set Up Your Clinic, It’s Easy

Setting up a clinic gives you several important advantages when using Move-Rx.  First, you are able to save patient information and re-use that information every time you see that patient.  Second, if there are other clinicians in the same clinic, you call all share patient information and saved programs or protocols.  Third, everything that you send out with your patients is branded with your name, the clinic name and all of your contact information.  Patients can then find you easily and quickly.  It is also quick and easy so why not do it now?

To get started, click on the “Manage my account” link in the upper right corner of the Move-Rx screen.  Click on the Clinic Information tab.  If you are affiliating with an existing clinic (one already using Move-Rx) you can click the “Use an Existing Profile” button (see Affiliating with an Existing Clinic).  If this is a new clinic, click “Create a New Clinic Profile”.

There are only two items you must fill out to create a clinic profile: Clinic Name and Clinic Code.  The name is just that, the name of the clinic.  The code is something that you make up that you can then give to other clinicians so that they can be affiliated with your clinic.  It has to be unique to the system and can be initials, a number, just about anything.  Letters and numbers only, though.

The address lines are self-explanatory.  The email address is YOUR email address for this clinic.  If you have multiple clinic affiliations, you can have a different address for each.  So if you have a clinic-specific email address, put it here.  Same with the ccEmail address.  Website is the clinic’s web address.  This will be shown as a link on handouts and on patient web pages.

You can put in as many as three phone numbers.  You can also give each number a label or description.  Select one from the drop down list or select “Other” from the drop down list and then enter the label you want to appear by the number.

Theme is the theme for Move-Rx.  At the time this was written, there is only one theme but more are planned.  The theme is also applied to patient pages.  If you have an idea for a theme or want some specific colors that would fit your branding, please let us know and we’ll potentially put it on our list of themes to create.

Logo is the logo that appears on the handouts and web pages.  You can get a lot more information about how this works and tips on the Help page (Help tab, Account Management, New Clinic Setup) or in the blog post No Logo? – Use a Photo.  This is a great way to project your brand and is easy and fast to do.

The Default Patient Message is the message that appears on handouts, emails and web pages between the header (which has all your information) and the exercise list.  On handouts it looks like this:

You can customize it here or leave it as is.

The Administrator section is where you assign yourself or other people to have administrative privileges for this clinic profile.  If you leave them blank, you will automatically be assigned as an administrator.  That will allow you to edit the profile.  If there is someone else who has a Move-Rx subscription that you would like to have editing capabilities, too, enter their login ID here and click “Find”.  If they are found in the system, their name will be displayed (if they have entered their name in their account) to verify they are who you are looking for.

That’s it.  Click “Save” and you will automatically be affiliated with the new clinic profile.  There is a lot more information on how clinics work in Move-Rx and how to get the most out using clinics elsewhere in this block.  Just search for “clinic”.

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