Move-Rx Remembers, You Can Make it Forget

As you prescribe exercises for patients, by default Move-Rx remembers which exercises you like to prescribe and puts them first in the exercise list.  It does this for each body part or category.  So when you star out using Move-Rx, the Elbow list looks like this:

The first exercise is “Active Elbow Extension Stretch”, then “Active Supination Using Hammer”, etc., because they are being displayed in alphabetical order.  If you prescribe “Wrist Flexion Elastic” and “Push Up” (from the third and second pages), then the next time you ask for Elbow exercises, you’ll get:

Now those two exercises appear first the the rest of the exercises in alpha order.  This helps you find the exercises that you use most often making using Move-Rx much faster over all.  But, it has the side effect of making the exercise order change around a lot.  There are two things you can do to stop or minimize this from happening.

First, you can turn off the learn mode altogether and make it forget what it has learned.  To do that, click the “Manage my account” link in the upper right corner and then the Preferences Tab.  On the bottom of that screen you will find a check box for “Learn exercise preferences”.  To turn the feature off, uncheck the box.

You can reset the learned exercises by clicking the Rest button.  This sets every thing back to alpha order only.  Remember to click this if you want Move-Rx to forget your past exercise choices.

The Second thing you can do is force exercises to the top of the list and they will stay there.  To do this, go to the Manage Exercises tab.  There, you can sort the exercises by body type and see the order that they will be displayed in the list.  Since I have “Wrist Flexion Elastic” and “Push Up” first in the list, they display that way here, too:

I can clear them from being first by clicking the “Clear Favorite” button.  I can also force any exercise to be first in the list by clicking the “Always First” button.

So there are two things you can do to control which exercises are displayed first in any list.  There can be 20 exercises (one page’s worth in the exercise listing) per body part that are always displayed first.


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