Editing Prescriptions

Sometimes you might find that you’ve made a mistake or want to change a prescription for some other reason so you’ll want to edit a prescription.  While you can’t edit a prescription (and if it was sent out in email, you can’t get it back to edit it, anyway) so what do you do?  Simple – create a new one with the changes… and it is simple with the program recall feature.

First, you will need to find the patient who’s prescription you want to change.  To do that, in the Prescription Builder, click the Find a Patient button next to the Patient* tab.  Enter a couple letters in the patient’s name and click Search:

Our search for “pat” resulted in a list of one (Joe Patient) because the search looks in last names, Login IDs, and chart numbers so it matched on both Joe’s Login ID and his last name.  Click on the row of the patient you are looking for (if there is more than one in the list) and you will then be asked if you want to load the last prescription:

Click “OK” and the last prescription will be loaded into the Prescription Builder.  Now it is easy to edit the prescription.  You can add/change/edit exercises, delivery options, duration, anything.  Once you are done, click the Save/Print/Edit button and the newly edited prescription will be saved and, if requested, sent to the patient.  When the patient logs in to their personal web page, the changes will all be there.  If you want to print the new version you can do that like you always would.

You haven’t really edited the prescription but the result is the same.  The old prescription will still show up in the patient’s record if you ever want to review it.

*If you changed what you call patients to something else like Client or Chicken (see What do YOU call them?)

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