What’s My Clinic Code?

First: What’s a Clinic Code?  This is the identifier (the ID) of your clinic.  You can learn more about it in the help section under Clinics and in the post Setting Up a Clinic.

Second: Why would you need it?  If you are adding a clinician to your clinic you will want them to affiliate with your clinic in Move-Rx so you can share patients, protocols, etc.  They will need the clinic code when they set up their account.

So how do you find it?  Click on the Manage my account link in the upper right corner of Move-Rx.  Then open the Clinic Information tab.  There you will see the clinic (or clinics) that you are affiliated with.  I also shows you the clinic code:

So, in the exciting example above, the Demo Clinic’s code is “clinic”.  While you are there, you can also click the Show Details button to see even more detail about the clinic:

This is how you can find out who the administrator is for the clinic (only an administrator can change the clinic’s information, logo, etc.) and what email address you are using for this clinic.  You can change your email address by clicking the Edit button – you don’t have to be an administrator for that.

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